Herminio Mejía Mozo, Facilitator

Herminio Mejía, facilitator, shows mosquito larvas to students in a school from Guerrero’s Costa Chica.

I accompanied the brigade on  a pilot visit in our colony and very few people paid attention… Today most households take us in, the brigadistas are more confident and people let them in, though there is still a sector that doesn’t. Having greater access to households is the most significant change I’ve noticed and experienced, because it is the one that shows the difference made by the work we have done. The intervention is complicated because of this characteristic of the site, but the work is moving forward.

Often, the brigadistas’ spirits told them to throw in the towel: they weren’t sufficiently motivated and supported, and they felt frustrated because of the lack of results. Being with them in all their activities strengthened our work. This was vital for the intervention to take off, and its results are evident in the acceptance from community members. The brigadistas have put their backs into it and provided several ideas about how to reach people. Without them, the work in the colony would not be possible; they are the cornerstone of the Camino Verde project.