Fernando Santiago Valente, Facilitator

Fernando Santiago Valente and brigadistas from his community
seal an unused water container.

I can think of a lot of changes I find important, such as that people are already putting into practice their knowledge of how to end the mosquito’s life cycle. In this site, our main weapon is the fish, which are accepted and sustainable. The water is good for the fish because it comes from wells… in some households where, for different reasons, there are no more fish, people are  making the effort to get more.

… A great part of our achievements is due to the brigadistas’ commitment. They’re the key to our progress. Coordinators are important because they have provided me with the capacity to work, exchanged ideas and given me feedback; for these and other reasons, they have had a part in what has been accomplished. We mustn’t forget that this has only just begun and there remains a lot to be done.