César Endir Rodríguez González, Facilitator

The change that has taken place in my site is the trust that the neighbourhood has been placing in the brigadistas and the trust the brigadistas have placed in me. The brigadistas were working alone, but they didn’t have the same impact because they come from the neighbourhood, or for other reasons I might be unaware of, such as that people pay more attention to a newcomer than to people they already know… The change is more significant because there is violence and a lack of safety, and without the participation of the community members this project would not work.

The Camino Verde project has made a contribution by achieving a complementary interaction, since the brigadista helps one to get to know the site and more or less provides a broad view of behaviours in the colony and the desire to do something for communal well-being. Then there’s the facilitator’s theoretical grounding, which doesn’t rely so much on their experience as it does on their academic training and the opportunity to meet the challenge of raising people’s awareness through three-way communication (brigadistas, colony and facilitator) to obtain favourable results.