Cenobio Cantor Miranda, Facilitator

Cenobio Cantor Miranda shares educational games about dengue with
preschool children in a rural area of Costa Grande, Guerrero.

Today, as a facilitator, I do what the term implies: I facilitate what is necessary, such as supplies for the activities, answers to questions from colony residents, some information that the brigadistas need, support during neighbourhood activities and other needs that arise during the project.

One of the important changes we’re seeing is that many people are beginning to become aware of the problem. Some are giving themselves the opportunity to prove that they can really prevent  the mosquito’s breeding by taking actions that are within their reach, such as properly sealing and cleaning water containers.

Also, we have managed to create a brigade, one in which the separate roles of facilitator and  brigadista practically disappear, in such a way that there is a team in which the strength behind hope is trust… Only a true team (where there are no superiors or subordinates) achieves its objective and reaches its goal. And we can’t speak of teams when there are clear hierarchies, because that is what was happening here at first… the brigadistas considered me their superior, and I feel there has been a change because we have managed to bridge that gap.