Angélica Santiago Neri, Facilitator

Angélica Santiago Neri, facilitator, explains the mosquito’s life cycle to a group of youth in a rural community of Acapulco.

I’m very happy with my role as facilitator. It has been a great learning experience in this neighbourhood; the brigadistas are very hard workers, which makes them more demanding. I’m happy with what we have achieved so far. The personal change I notice is that I’m more patient than I was before. There are people who are unwilling to participate, and I have realised that I can be patient. The change I notice in the community is that some people have joined the effort and are participating, though others are not. Those who participate sweep their streets and empty their water containers. This is important, because, though few people may come together, the most important thing is what they do, and I know that bit by bit, more will join in.