Evidence Discussion for Action in Guerrero

A group of women discusses evidence on dengue in their community in Costa Grande, Guerrero.

Evidence from the baseline measurement was initially shared and discussed in four types of focus group within each community (women, men, schoolchildren and teachers). A CIET facilitator, a SEPA brigadista and some ten community members participated in each focus group. The purpose was to identify strategies for socialising the evidence and actions that can be undertaken at home and in the community to prevent dengue in an autonomous and sustainable way.

Participants of the focus groups were invited by the community’s own brigadistas. Adult participants were mostly parents of children between the ages of three and nine who had received information from the baseline survey about whether or not their children had been infected.

To recruit teachers’ and students’ groups, we first had to obtain the necessary permissions starting with an official communication to school directors. For students’ groups we also request permission from parents or guardians.