Partners in the Green Path Toward Dengue Control

The Camino Verde trial combined the technical resources and operational capacities of various research teams and associated partners.

In Nicaragua, CIET worked with neighbours and community leaders in Managua, as well as in collaboration with the Nicaragua Ministry of Health, the University of California, Berkeley and the Sustainable Sciences Institute, an international NGO with a subsidiary in Nicaragua that provides support for serological  and entomological studies.

This partnership began with a pilot stage, between 2004 and 2007, when 10 neighbourhoods opened this path to dengue prevention. Research resumed in 2010 with a randomised controlled cluster trial in 30 neighbourhoods in Managua.

In Mexico’s Guerrero State, the Centro de Investigación de Enfermedades Tropicales de la Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero (CIETmexico) conducted the trial in the Acapulco, Costa Grande and Costa Chica regions, with participating neighbours and leaders from 45 intervention communities. In Guerrero, we relied on the participation of the Secretaría de Salud del Estado de Guerrero as a user-partner as well as support from the University of Nuevo León, CIETnicaragua, CIETcanada, the Univeristy of California, Berkeley and the Sustainable Sciences Institute.

The project was financed in both countries by the UBS Optimus Foundation. The trial in Mexico received additional funding from the National Science and Technology Council (Conacyt).