Karla Vanesa Jirón, Facilitator

Karla Jirón facilitates a focus group about the Managua baseline study results.

The most important change that SEPA has brought in my life is that I have learned to share joy, sadness, triumph and above all to have more faith in God… I have felt the impact of human sensibility; I have felt the pleasure of living this lovely experience with people from the neighbourhoods where I act as a facilitator and with my colleagues.

The most important change in one of our neighbourhoods has been the community’s acknowledgement of the SEPA brigade’s work, the ease with which they communicate with household members, their friendship, generosity and interpersonal relations. In another neighbourhood, the most important change has been the relationships within the brigade, their affection, regardless of religious or political beliefs. They have learned to be more generous and united for their own well-being. They have given their all and have determined for themselves that they can get ahead with SEPA.