Gloria Cruz, Facilitator

Gloria Cruz (first from the right), along with brigadistas, presents information about
the Aedes life cycle at a community celebration.

The most important personal change I have experienced with SEPA is a higher sense of responsibility. I didn’t know that my neighbours in the community considered me a leader until I was shown the CIET surveys and I realized I couldn’t let down the people who had put their trust in me and feel that there is someone in their community who cares about it. This makes me feel fulfilled and useful.

There has been an important change in my community, since we have managed to raise awareness about a lot of aspects of health and hygiene. Among other things, there is a better interaction between brigadistas and the community.

In another neighbourhood, the SEPA brigadistas have established very successful bonds with the community, since during the household visits they explain, with evidence right to hand, how to  lower the costs of fighting the spread of dengue and how to do it without resorting to chemicals, while keeping the community clean and healthy. And people feel supported — that in the face of any problem that might come up there is a helping hand they can turn to.