Edgard Espinoza, Facilitator

Edgar Espinoza (second from the left) with brigadistas from his community.

With SEPA, the most important personal and professional change for me has been more of a social experience, through which I have learned to know myself and others.

There has been a change towards friendlier and more pleasant relationships in my environment. I have experienced human warmth, knowledge, and mutual and self trust, in which people treat each other like human beings and come together in their efforts to solve problems and work towards a common good in order to develop a more fair and, above all, more generous society.

The social, economic and cultural differences between the two neighbourhoods where I work have not been an obstacle to my progress as a facilitator. On the contrary, it has allowed me to better understand their differences and similarities, to face each of their problems with different strategies and actions learned along the way in the different neighbourhoods that I have assisted as a facilitator since 2004.